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How to Choose the RIGHT SEO COMPANY

Don't Fall Victim To Unscrupulous SEO Providers: Ask These Questions Before Hiring An SEO Company.

SEO is the stepping stone in the world of digital marketing. It's the first thing a company thinks of when they enter into the digital space. Most of the times people expect very unrealistic results from SEO, that too, in a very short span of time. Maybe that perception is because of the fraud SEO companies that claim to get you number 1 rankings in just 15 days! It’s easy to fall into this honey trap if you don’t know about SEO.

So before hiring any SEO company, it’s necessary to do your own research and know as much as you can about SEO and the company you are about to hire. It’s always good to make a well-informed decision.

And that’s why we Highly recommend you to ask the following questions from an SEO company before opting for their services.

How do you decide which keywords you should be targeting?

Research is the key. An experienced SEO company will invest a lot of time & effort to research about the client’s location, current trends, and targeted audience. They also analyze the searching pattern of the targeted consumers. And then they decide the keywords to be targeted.

Will you analyze my Competitor’s Websites?

Analyzing competitor’s website is vital. Without competitive analysis, no one can determine what is the industry standard, what ideas can be shamelessly copied and what the competitor is lacking so we can counter them. It provides the proper frame to play on.

Do you have a good link building strategy?

“Links are streets between pages” This phrase clearly underlines the importance of links. After the Google Penguin update, it is highly recommended to get backlinks from diversified sources by varying the anchor texts (using variations of brand names). So if a company don’t have any link building strategy and is going to use Black hat techniques, be aware.

What on-page and off-page tactics you’re going to use.

It will give you a very good idea about the competence of that company. Because if an SEO firm hasn't done any research and don’t know the ins and outs of SEO, most probably they are going to fumble (Not literally).

Things to consider before choosing an SEO company:

  • Check the references they are providing.
  • Read reviews about them on Google and few third party website like Yelp.
  • Ask about the amount of experience they have.
  • The number of pages they will be optimizing.
  • SEO is an ongoing process. So will they provide reports so that you can measure your progress.
  • Google My Business listing require a different approach altogether. So if they say that SEO will cover it, then it’s a sign to back off.
  • Do they offer conversion rate optimization as well?

Mistakes to avoid when choosing an SEO company:

  • Choosing a company that guarantees a number 1 ranking on Google.
  • Going with a company that still consider adding meta keywords as an SEO tactic.
  • Sites with frames make it difficult for the search engine bots to crawl. So better avoid companies that develop sites in frames.
  • Search engine bots can’t read texts from the images and thus a company that develops websites entirely on flash is surely inexperienced.
  • A company that employs tactics such as using hidden links to increase the keyword density. Google consider it a spam.
  • If their link building strategy involves: Getting links from irrelevant sites.
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